AlfredCamera – Video Surveillance From Old Smartphones

AlfredCamera – Video Surveillance From Old Smartphones

Video surveillance systems can be very expensive. In addition to the cameras you have to buy, you will also need to get quality software to run the entire system. There are decent free video surveillance programs out there, but if you have specific needs, you’ll need to get a paid one. However, what if you have old mobile phones that you no longer use and don’t want to waste your money?

AlfredCamera is a free application for Android and iOS, which will allow you to create a video surveillance system from old smartphones.

How Does AlfredCamera Work?

AlfredCamera is an interesting application. It allows you to use old mobile phones and turn them into a video surveillance system. To get started, you’ll need to download and install the app on all the devices that will serve as cameras, as well as the device you’ll be using to manage the system. Management is also possible through the website, which we really liked.

AlfredCamera menu

After this, you need to create an account and log in to all devices with the same account. To make this process as simple as possible, after logging in on the first device, other devices can scan the QR code that AlfredCamera will generate. Once you are done with this, all you have to do is put the phones in the places where they will serve as surveillance cameras, and the job is done.

The interface in the AlfredCamera application is used to manage the “cameras” and it is possible to turn on, that is, turn off the phone’s front or rear camera, turn on the flash, take a photo or video, activate the low-light filter, rotate the image, and so on. One option that caught our eye is the ability to turn on the siren. This means playing a siren sound from the phone’s speaker, and you can specify on which phone and when this will be activated.

AlfredCamera also includes a paid version, which we honestly believe is not necessary. The main advantage it brings, in addition to removing ads, is the ability to record videos of unlimited length. Other advantages that this brings are HD recording, zooming, and more space for saving recordings in the Cloud.

AlfredCamera settings

AlfredCamera Will Help You Find a Purpose for Phones You No Longer Use

AlfredCamera is an excellent program. Honestly, if you have something important that you want to protect, you will probably need to get a professional video surveillance system. On the other hand, if you occasionally need to keep an eye on your room or car, this is an excellent solution. We didn’t encounter any problems or bugs while using it, so AlfredCamera gets our recommendation.

Android and iOS

In the download link, we have provided AlfredCamera version for Android, if you want to download the iOS version, please click HERE.



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