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How to Change the Camera Background in Skype for Windows

When you use the camera during a Skype call, the background will of course be what the camera sees. If you don’t want the camera to record and show your apartment in the background, the good news is that Skype has an option to change the background. It is possible to choose the background to […]Read More

Video Software

Webcamoid – Screen Capture With Effects

If you have online classes, often have Zoom meetings, or do streaming, you need a high-quality screen recording program that, in addition to high-quality video, also provides options for adjusting the recording, adding filters, effects, and more. Webcamoid is a free program for Windows 8, 10, 11, macOS, and Linux that will allow you to […]Read More

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Top Two Best Free Windows Surveillance (CCTV) Programs

Most free surveillance programs, unfortunately, are not really free. You can download and install the program for free, but you have to pay for many, often basic, options. In addition to this, these programs generally set restrictions, such as a limited recording time, which makes them completely unusable, until you pay. Fortunately, there are a […]Read More


How to Remove a Watermark From an Android Camera

Many Android phones, especially the ones from Chinese companies, put a watermark on the photos you take using the camera. The reason why they do this is not known to us, but we know that this is something that most of us hate. Fortunately, turning off the watermark option is very easy. Watch our video […]Read More