Bring Me – A Reminder to Bring Something With You

Bring Me – A Reminder to Bring Something With You

How many times have you gone somewhere and discovered that you forgot your wallet or mobile phone? It’s even worse if you set off on a trip and then discover you don’t have a passport. The application that we are going to present to you will help you to never forget to take something with you when you leave your house.

Bring Me is a free application for Android that will allow you to create one or more lists of items that you need to bring with you, and then confirm that you have those items with you.

How Does Bring Me Work?

When you install and run Bring Me, the first thing you’ll notice is the user interface that looks like vintage printed pages or train tickets. Some people won’t like this kind of design, but we personally think it looks beautiful and unusual, and the interface itself is easy to use.

Bring Me menu

Bring Me aims to help you never forget an item when you leave the house. The application itself is quite simple. Add the names of the items you want to have with you, group those items into lists, for example, work or travel, and then confirm that you have those items with you before you go. You confirm by pressing the With Me button.

Every time you confirm that you have an item, your current GPS location will be recorded. GPS must be turned on for this to work. This is useful because if you lose something, you can easily see the last location you had that item with you.

As for the items you add, for each item you will be able to make a note, add a picture of the item, or if you don’t need that item at the moment, mark that it is currently in your house. You will also be able to see a map showing where the item is or where you last had it with you.

Another important fact is that Bring Me is a completely free application. There’s no way to pay for anything, and there aren’t even any ads. There isn’t much in the settings and the only thing you can do is turn on Dark Mode and Compact Mode, which will make the list of items smaller so they take up less space on the screen.

Bring Me Will Help You Never Forget to Take Something With You

Bring Me is a simple but useful application. If you often forget to take something with you, we suggest you try it. Considering it’s completely free, you have nothing to lose. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Bring Me gets our recommendation.




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