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Productivity Software

Tilla – All Subscriptions in One Place

With the development of the Internet, paying bills has become much faster and easier. Instead of going to the bank every month and waiting in lines to pay the bills, today most of us are using payment apps to do this. However, a new problem that many of us now have is that instead of […]Read More

Productivity Software

Note to Self – Unusual Note Taking

Note-taking apps have long been an integral part of the Android operating system. Whether it’s an app made by the company that made the device or it’s Google Keep that was already installed when you bought the phone, you can be sure that you’ll have this functionality on your phone. For this reason, the note-taking […]Read More

Desktop Enhancements

PeperNote – Sticky Notes for the Desktop

Do you often write messages to yourself on sticky notes and stick them on the monitor, table, shelf, or who knows what, with the hope that you will notice them and remind yourself to complete the chore written on the message. A much better solution is to use a program instead of paper notes. Introducing […]Read More

Productivity Software

Google Keep for Android and iOS

We live in an era when we need a lot of information to function on a daily basis. We used to keep track of them with a pen and paper, and now we often grab our smartphone when we want to enter the account number, site name, or list of items to buy. Memorizing information […]Read More