Heynote – Sticky Notes on Your Mobile Phone

Heynote – Sticky Notes on Your Mobile Phone

Sticky notes are something that we have had on our computer for a long time. This allows us to place a note on the screen on which we can write a message or a reminder. If you are a fan of such programs on your computer, you probably want the same functionality on your mobile phone. The application we are about to present to you does exactly this.

Heynote is a free application for Android that will allow you to place a note, reminder or short message on the home and lock screen.

How Does Heynote Work?

Once you install and launch Heynote, you’ll see a sleek and streamlined user interface that is easy to use. Before we start writing about the application itself, it is important to mention that it will not work on all smartphone models, including those from Xiaomi.

Heynote menu

Heynote works on a simple principle. When you launch the app, the first thing you need to do is choose whether you want to place a message on the home or lock screen. The home screen is the screen you see when you unlock the phone, the part where the application icons are located, and the lock screen is the one you see when the phone is locked.

After this, press the button with the plus sign and a menu will open where you should write your message. When you finish writing your message, you will be able to determine how big the message will be, the background color of the “paper”, and where it will be on the screen. It is possible to create an unlimited number of messages, although the screen size is a limitation here.

When you have finished writing the messages and when you have chosen their place on the screen, press the Apply button and the messages will be placed on the screen you have chosen. This works by the application changing the background of the screen and replacing the image with a new image, which will be the message you wrote.

Heynote - note on screen

The Way Heynote Works Is Not What We Imagined

Honestly, we didn’t imagine that Heynote would work like this, that is, that the messages would be a background image with text, and we have to admit that we didn’t really like this. The main problem is that the app icons will be placed above the messages. For this reason, you will need to arrange the icons so that they do not obscure the message, which can be inconvenient. It would be much better if the application placed a widget with a message on the screen.

However, this is just our personal opinion and we believe that there are those who will not mind this. We didn’t encounter any problems or bugs while using it, so if you believe this is something that will benefit you, we suggest you try Heynote.




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