ToDoist – Your Personal Task Manager

ToDoist – Your Personal Task Manager

ToDoist is a free task management application. It exists in versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, as a web application, and as an extensions for web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

It has long been said that time is money. With the acceleration of life’s pace, this statement becomes increasingly true. Therefore, there was a need for programs that could help with task organization and management. ToDoist is one of the most well-known applications of this type. In fierce competition with similar programs, it has earned a notable place. So far, more than 42 million people have downloaded this application across various platforms.

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The creators have worked hard to make it a comprehensive application. In addition to the operating systems it functions on, its website and extensions integrate with Outlook, Slack, and Google Calendar so that tasks can be accessed in multiple ways. The goal of this application is to increase productivity through better organization. It directs users to stay focused on deadlines by providing a clear overview of daily tasks.

The basic features of Todoist include creating task lists, adding labels and reminders, setting deadlines, assigning tasks to individuals or projects, synchronization, and teamwork capabilities. The application is well-organized and designed with a hierarchical structure in mind. Larger projects can be divided into smaller sub-projects and tasks. As a result, the user interface appears simple and intuitive. New users quickly navigate their way through it, making the learning process short.

ToDoist uses labels, filters, and priority levels to organize tasks in an orderly manner. If tasks are recurring, it offers automation options so they don’t need to be re-entered from scratch. Users can collaborate on specific tasks. Teamwork is further enhanced by team inboxes coordinating assigned tasks and messages within one team. Productivity reports are available so you can see where problems arise to address them promptly. Reminders for planned activities can be sent as push notifications, email alerts, or SMS messages.

ToDoist also exists in a version for smartwatches. Naturally, the functionality of this app in this form is more limited, but that was not the goal anyway. ToDoist for smartwatches mainly extends the capabilities available on other platforms where it’s installed. Simply receiving timely notifications about your daily tasks on your watch suffices. It has been noticed that some advanced project management functionalities are missing from the app. Occasional synchronization issues have also been reported.

An increasing number of people use such applications to better organize and execute their personal or company-related tasks. If you haven’t used task management apps before or if you’re not satisfied with the one you’re currently using, give ToDoist a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web application



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