DesktopNote – One of the Best Programs for Sticky Notes

DesktopNote – One of the Best Programs for Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are a type of program that allows us to stick notes on the desktop, hence their name, which is always visible and easily accessible. The biggest problem with most such programs is the small number of options and very limited functionality.

DesktopNote is a free program for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 that will allow you to create Sticky Notes, but also give you a handful of additional options for how to edit those notes.

How Does DesktopNote Work?

DesktopNote is a portable program. This means there is no installation and all you need to do is download, unpack, and run it. The first thing we will praise is the fact that the program is completely free, and the only option for payment is the possibility to send a donation to the author.

When you launch DesktopNote, a Sticky Note will automatically appear on your desktop, and you can create an unlimited number of new notes. You can freely change the size and position of each note on the screen. By default, the notes will be yellow, but you can change this too.

DesktopNote - Sticky Note

As for the text, this is where the real strength of this program comes to the fore. DesktopNote contains all possible text editing options. You can change the color and size of the letters, make them bold, italic, underline or strikethrough, change the font, edit the position inside the note, create a bullet or numbered list, and more. What we especially liked is that there is a keyboard shortcut for each option and the only complaint we have is that these shortcuts cannot be changed.

However, this is not all! You can also add an image to the notes, and you can specify the size and position of the image. You add an image by dragging it to the note you want to add it to, and there is no in-app option for this. There is also a search option, as well as the ability to reset all settings.

Any notes you create are automatically saved in the main directory of the program. If you want to delete a note, you will be asked if you want to delete the files from this directory as well. If you don’t delete them, you’ll be able to get the note back if you need it again.

If You Like Using Sticky Notes, You Must Try DesktopNote

We were blown away by DesktopNote. It offers a huge number of options, which are beautifully packaged and extremely convenient to use. The fact that it is completely free and does not hide a single option behind a subscription makes it one of the best programs of its kind in our opinion. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so DesktopNote absolutely gets our recommendation. If you love using Sticky Notes, you must try this awesome program.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11



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