Task Coach – Digital Assistant for Professionals

Task Coach – Digital Assistant for Professionals

When you have a lot of tasks, it is best to make a list, and when tasks and deadlines repeat themselves day after day and week after week, it might not be a bad idea to seek help from modern technology. For this, we can choose from a large selection of programs, and many of them are of high quality and you won’t go wrong if you choose them. However, if you need a program that will allow you to plan and organize your work tasks in detail, we have the right solution for you.

Task Coach is a free program for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Android, and macOS, which will allow you to plan and organize your tasks in detail.

How Does Task Coach Work?

The best description we can give for Task Coach is that it is a digital assistant. The reason why we don’t categorize it as a regular reminder is because of the wealth of options. Honestly, if you’re looking for a simple program for making shopping lists, this is not the option for you!

Once you install and run Task Coach, you’ll see a nice and clean menu, which at first glance doesn’t contain that many options. The program works on the same principle as any reminder program. Create a new task, give it a priority, set the time when you should start and finish the task, and add a description, image, and file, after which the task will appear in the main menu of the program.

Task Coach menu

In addition to this information, you can add a large number of additional information to the task, such as budget, progress, prerequisite, important dates, set the appearance of the task, and more. Each task can have sub-tasks, and you can organize all of these into categories.

An option we particularly liked was the templates. As you might guess, a template is a draft of a task where certain information is already filled in, and all you have to do is add information related to the task you’re currently creating. This is a great option that, when used correctly, can save a lot of time.

We have only touched on the possibilities of this phenomenal program, and it would take too much time to list everything you can do. The program contains a tutorial that will explain some of the most used options, but we think that the authors could improve the program in this area. Another gripe is that when you use Task Coach on, say, Windows and Android, syncing tasks between devices is not possible. The only way is to export the tasks and then import them on another device. Also, the program stores all data only locally, so if the device you use it on crashes and you don’t have an exported backup saved on another device, you will be left without everything.

Task Coach Is Probably the Most Detailed Reminder We’ve Came Across

Task Coach is an excellent program. It’s definitely not meant for beginners, and it will take you some time to discover all the options it offers and the best way to use those options. However, once you learn how to use Task Coach, you’ll find that it’s one of the most detailed reminders out there, and it’s completely free, with no option to pay for additional features. All options are available immediately and free of charge. During use, we did not encounter any program or bug, so Task Coach absolutely gets our recommendation.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Android, and macOS



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