Monster Mash – 3D Animation for Beginners

Monster Mash – 3D Animation for Beginners

3D animation is something that has traditionally been done exclusively by professionals. The reason for this is obvious. In addition to the talent for drawing and modeling, it is necessary to know how to use complicated programs and years of practice in order to get the simplest animation.

Monster Mash is a free program from Google that works within an Internet browser and is accessed via the website, which will allow beginners to create and animate 3D models in the simplest possible way.

How Does Monster Mash Work?

Monster Mash is an online service for drawing and animating 3D models intended for beginners, but also for professionals to quickly create and develop ideas. The reason why we liked it is the fact that it contains only several options, which are easy to understand, and most of the work is automated.

Monster Mash menu

When you open the Monster Mash website, you will see a drawing canvas above which, in addition to options for a new project, saving and opening a project, are just three tools. The first is Draw. To get started, you need to draw a 2D version of the model you want to animate. You do this with the mouse and there are no additional tools for drawing, except for an ordinary pencil.

When you’re done drawing the 2D model, it’s time to turn it into 3D. You do this by simply clicking on the second option, Inflate. When you click Inflate, your 2D drawing will automatically be converted to a 3D model. You will also be able to edit your 3D model by, for example, changing the position of the head or arms.

The third and final option is Animate. You do this by literally recording the movements that each part of the 3D model will do, and you can do this for any part of your model. You record movement by “grabbing” a part of the model with the mouse and moving it the way you want it to move in the animation. Also, there is an option to rotate, and the best thing is that if you have animated a 3D model, all animations will work when you rotate the model.

Monster Mash Is a Simple but High-Quality 3D Animation Program

Monster Mash is a program that is incredibly fun and easy to use. It is intended for beginners, but it can also be used by professionals because creating 3D animations quickly and easily. We did not encounter any problems or errors during use, so it got our recommendation.




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