Moviebase – Info About Movies and Series

Moviebase – Info About Movies and Series

If you like to watch movies and series, you probably use services like IMDB or The Movie Database to find content to watch. The application that we are going to present to you will help you not only to find the next series to watch, but also to notify you when a new episode is released or when a certain movie is in the theaters.

Moviebase is a free app for Android that will help you find a movie or series to watch and will also notify you when a new episode or movie is released.

How Does Moviebase Work?

The first thing we must note is that Moviebase is not for watching movies and series online, but it contains information such as description, reviews, cast, rating, audience comments, trailers and so on. Honestly, for every movie or series there is so much useful information, which is very well organized, that we are impressed.

Moviebase menu

Once you install and run Moviebase, the first thing you need to do is select movies and series you’ve already watched. This has a dual function. Firstly, this way you will tell the app what your taste is so that it can recommend something that will potentially interest you and secondly, if new episodes of the series you have chosen are still coming out, the app will notify you when a new episode comes out.

There are several tabs at the bottom of the screen, and here you will be able to browse the content of the application, find popular movies and series, as well as edit your account. You can use Moviebase without creating a free account, but this option exists and brings a few minor options.

Moviebase info about the series

Unfortunately, we have to give one big criticism here, and that is the ads, which is the main criticism of other users as well. Moviebase is full of ads, so much so that using the app is almost impossible. Anywhere you tap will open an ad. In addition, ads are also found in the application itself. When you are reading a film review, the text will be divided into two parts with an advertisement in between.

We understand that free programs or apps have to make money somehow, but this is absolutely too much. When the experience becomes painful to the point where we can’t wait to finish writing a review just so we can stop being bombarded with ads, then you know something is wrong.

Moviebase Is a Great App Ruined by Ads

Moviebase is really a great app. It works great, contains a lot of useful and well-organized information, looks nice and modern, and the option to notify you of new episodes is extremely useful. Unfortunately, this all falls apart as it is painful to use due to the huge number of advertisements. If you buy the premium version you will remove all ads and solve this problem, but we give reviews of the free version, and in this case it is negative.




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