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How to Delete a Notification on Facebook

Facebook notifications can serve as a handy reminder. However, navigating can become tricky when there are too many of them. The solution is to delete unnecessary notifications and leave the ones you believe you will need later. The good news is that this is quick and easy to do. Watch our video tutorial where we […]Read More


How to Block Website Notifications in Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Notifications sent by websites can be useful. They can be, for example, a notification about a sale, a service improvement, or a new option on the website. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case. These notifications are usually just ordinary and boring advertisements and you will rarely find anything useful among them. For this reason, […]Read More


How to Turn Off Popup Notifications in Epic Games Launcher

When you start the Epic Games Launcher, popup notifications about free games, as well as special offers and news will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. If you do not want to receive these notifications, you can turn them off in the settings. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More


How to Block Notifications in Chrome on Windows 10

Web Push Notifications or website notifications are messages that websites send to their users. When a user first visits a website, if that site has notifications, the user will be asked if he wants to receive them. The user may or may not agree to this. These notifications can be useful to users and inform […]Read More

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Battery charge alarm – free app for Android

From year to year, mobile phones are getting better. Whether it’s the bigger display, better camera, the larger amount of memory, or the general phone speed, we are witnessing constant progress. However, when we talk about the battery, this is not the case. Battery-making technology made the least progress compared to all other components of […]Read More


How to Change the Notification Sound on Android

Although sometimes extremely annoying, notifications are a key part of the smartphone experience, and the sounds that go with them are equally important. If you’re hearing notification sounds all day, you might as well make them sound better. Watch our video in which we show you how to change the sound of notifications on Android. […]Read More