Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School

While walking the streets, it sometimes seems that there are more pets than their owners. We’re talking about dogs, who need to be walked, unlike cats, parrots, and fish. Accordingly, there are more and more apps focused on pet care. One such app is Pocket Puppy School – a free Android and iOS app for dog training.

What is Pocket Puppy School for?

For a dog and its urban environment to be safe, it needs to be well-behaved – trained. Pet training can be expensive. That’s why many dogs remain behaviorally neglected (or perhaps just start to resemble their owners). The goal of this app is to make dog training accessible to everyone. The authors present themselves not as a company, but as dog lovers from Northern Europe. They claim that dedicating 15 minutes a day to a dog while it’s still a puppy is enough to make it socialized and have a happy (dog) life.

Pocket Pyppy School - intro

What to expect when you start Pocket Puppy School?

At the beginning, you fill out a kind of entry questionnaire about your dog: whether it responds to its name, whether it chews furniture, whether it obeys basic commands… Based on this, the dog, and therefore you, receive a personalized training program, consisting of exercises, examples, interactive lessons, and advice. The program is clear and tailored to the average user. The app is distributed linearly over days, during which your pet and you gain new knowledge and skills, with each subsequent day unlocking a new topic (although this sequence can be skipped). It’s convenient that this is a mobile app, so you can use it when you go out with your pet.

How is the Pocket Puppy School app organized?

The program attempts to cover all aspects of pet training such as commands, hygiene, socialization, games, and tricks… The user interface is organized into sections. The first one includes information about the app itself. This is followed by a search for quickly finding the necessary information. In the Chat section, you can talk to professional trainers if you feel unsuccessful in training. The calendar is used to set and track training goals. The Community section connects you with other dog owners. In the Profile section, you record important facts about your pet.

Pocket Pyppy School - main menu

Our opinion about Pocket Puppy School

We can conclude that this app, despite its simplicity, is very practical. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can learn a lot from it about them. Unfortunately, the app is full of ads. There is also a Pro version, which we assume is ad-free. Finally: as with other self-help apps, don’t overdo it because the consequences can be unpredictable; instead, seek help from a professional.

Android i iOS

In the download link, we provided the version for Android. If you want the version for iOS, click HERE



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