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Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Swimming Apps

There are now apps that aim to assist in nearly every human activity. We have written about many of them in previous posts. Here, we present to you, in our opinion, three exceptional free apps for beginners and recreational swimmers. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports and recreational activities, recommended for both young and […]Read More

Educational Software

Pocket Puppy School

While walking the streets, it sometimes seems that there are more pets than their owners. We’re talking about dogs, who need to be walked, unlike cats, parrots, and fish. Accordingly, there are more and more apps focused on pet care. One such app is Pocket Puppy School – a free Android and iOS app for […]Read More

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RunKeeper free sports training application

Training any sport, recreationally, or professionally is a real accomplishment. In order to be successful in any sport, you need to have a good training plan and monitor your progress on workouts day by day. Thanks to advances in technology, today you can do this very easily just by installing a free app that will […]Read More