SayHi Translate – Universal Translator

SayHi Translate – Universal Translator

If you want to translate a specific text, you can easily do so using a number of free services, such as Google Translate. However, when you find yourself in a foreign country and need to ask a local for something, these tools won’t help you much. However, there are solutions, and the application that we are going to present to you will help you in moments like these.

SayHi Translate is a free app for Android and iOS that will allow you to translate what you say, as well as what your interlocutor says.

How Does SayHi Translate Work?

SayHi Translate is an application that is used to translate speech and text in real time, and what is translated, the application will read out loud in the language of your choice. Almost all world languages are supported, and for each language you will be able to choose whether a male or female voice will read the translation.

SayHi Translate - translation

When you launch SayHi Translate, you’ll see a nice and clean user interface with two buttons at the bottom with a picture of a microphone and a language written underneath. When you press a certain button, you will be able to say something in the language written below that button. After this, the application will translate, print the translation on the screen and read what was translated. This way, you can have a conversation in any language.

To use SayHi Translate, there is no need for any settings, apart from selecting the language and the voice in which the language will be read, which makes using the application extremely simple. In addition to this, there are no ads and you get all the features instantly for free.

Unfortunately, we have one, not so small, criticism. To use SayHi Translate, you must be connected to the Internet. Because we feel that this is an app that most users will only use when traveling to foreign countries, where they likely don’t have access to mobile internet, this can be a serious problem. Of course, getting WiFi is not impossible, especially in a tourist area, but we would prefer if there was an option to download a language pack, so that the application can work even without internet.

SayHi Translate - language selection

SayHi Translate Will Help You When Traveling to Countries Whose Language You Don’t Speak

SayHi Translate is a phenomenal app. It works great, it’s completely free, it doesn’t contain ads and it’s easy to use. The criticism we gave, can be a problem, especially if you plan to spend time in smaller cities, where public Wi-Fi is not easily available. However, even in such places, you can find a cafe that offers free internet. We didn’t encounter any problems or bugs while using it, so SayHi Translate gets our recommendation.

Android and iOS

In the download link we offered SayHi Translate for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS please click HERE.



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