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How to Delete a Sent Message on Viber for Android

If you send a message, then change your mind and wish you hadn’t sent it, Viber offers a solution. Namely, Viber allows users to delete a sent message. You can delete the message only on your phone, as well as on the phone of the person you sent the message to. Unfortunately, if that person […]Read More


How to Share Your Current Location on Viber for Android

When you want to share your current location via Viber, you don’t need to type your address and number in the message. A much easier way is to share your GPS location. This way, not only do you not have to type the message, but the person you are sending the location to can simply […]Read More


How to Forward a Message in Viber for Android

If you received a message on Viber that you want to send to someone else, you don’t have to rewrite the message manually or copy and paste it into a new message, because Viber includes a message forwarding option. It is possible to forward all kinds of messages, be it images, videos, documents, or text […]Read More