Daily Diary – Lockable Electronic Diary

Daily Diary – Lockable Electronic Diary

If you like to keep a diary, you probably write down your daily experiences and feelings in a notebook that you keep under your bed or at the bottom of a drawer. If this is the case, it’s time to switch to an electronic diary, and we’ll introduce you to one that focuses on security and privacy.

Daily Diary is a free Android app that will allow you to keep an electronic diary that focuses on privacy and security.

How Does Daily Diary Work?

Daily Diary is an electronic diary that, in addition to simplicity, offers the possibility of locking it with a PIN code, fingerprint, and facial recognition. Even when the application remains active in memory, it does not allow access until you unlock the application. The diaries you write will all be saved in one place, from where you can easily and quickly access them, and there is also the possibility of saving them in the Cloud.

Daily Diary menu

To each entry, in addition to the text, you can add one or more images, and you can also add one of five emoticons that indicate how you feel while writing the diary. In addition to this, you can change the theme of the diary, and by using it you will unlock new themes. The emoticons you add will be used to form a graph that will show how you felt over a certain period.

We especially liked the option to remind you when it’s time to make a new entry, and the Daily Diary also includes a calendar so you can easily search your diaries by date. There is also the possibility to share your diaries with friends.

Using the app is extremely simple and it won’t take you long to learn what each option does. The user interface is nice and clean, and if you like using Dark Mode, you can turn it on in the settings.

Daily Diary settings

Daily Diary Will Appeal to Anyone Who Likes to Write a Diary

Daily Diary is a cute app that will appeal to anyone who likes to write a diary. We especially liked the ability to lock your diaries and believe that this is an integral part of the application. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Daily Diary gets our recommendation.




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