Google Bard Is Changing Its Name to Gemini

Google Bard Is Changing Its Name to Gemini

Google Bard is an artificial intelligence program that you can chat with, similar to ChatGPT. Recently, Google announced that Bard is changing its name to Gemini and is getting its own Android and iOS app, as well as a paid version called Gemini Advanced.

Gemini App for Android and iOS

The Gemini app will contain all the options you can find on the website, but those in the app have been adapted for easier use on a mobile phone. You can enter the text manually, using your voice, and you will also be able to use a picture and ask a question related to that picture. For example, you’ll be able to take a picture of a flat tire on your car and ask Gemini for instructions on how to change it.

The Gemini app will also include many commands that you can use with Google Assistant, such as launching the Gemini app by long-pressing the Power button or saying “Hey Google,” asking a question about the article you’re currently reading, generating a caption for the picture you took and so on.

Gemini Advanced Is the Paid Version of Gemini

Gemini Advanced is a paid version of Gemini that brings the capabilities of the Ultra 1.0 model, which, according to Google, better copes with complex tasks such as coding, logic and teamwork. Gemini Advanced will cost $19.99 per month.

What we didn’t like at all is that Google openly says that Gemini Advanced will better deal with “unsafe and biased content”. In an age when censorship is becoming an increasingly used weapon of the world’s oligarchs in the fight against the people who fall for their propaganda less and less, and where tech companies, Google in the first place, are the ones who carry out this censorship, we have to say that this statement is something that has completely killed any motivation to use this product.

Rebranding Bard Is a Marketing Ploy to Promote a Service That No One Uses

Our opinion is that all this is a marketing move by Google aimed at rebranding a service that no one has used. Just think, how much talk is there about ChatGPT, and have you ever heard of Bard and have you ever used it?

It is also interesting that in its announcement Google emphasized the paid version of Gemini and how they showed in some research that users most often choose Gemini over other similar software. This is a trick that Pepsi pulled decades ago in a failed attempt to compete with Coke. The open announcement of censorship further motivated us to bypass Gemini in a wide arc. It looks like this is just another product that will end up in the Google graveyard.

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