Open Audiobooks and eBooks – Free Audiobooks

Open Audiobooks and eBooks – Free Audiobooks

If you love reading, you probably have a bookshelf full of books, and you’re certainly no stranger to books in digital format or audiobooks. Audiobooks can be especially handy when you’re driving, jogging, or doing anything that doesn’t require too much concentration. If you like to listen to audiobooks, we have the right application for you.

Open Audiobooks and eBooks is a free application for Android that will allow you to listen to audiobooks for free, and you will also be able to read some of them.

How Does Open Audiobooks and eBooks Work?

Once you’ve installed and started Open Audiobooks and eBooks, hereafter OAE, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a free account or sign in with your Google account. When you log in, the first thing that will be displayed is a list of book categories where you have to select three or more categories, and based on this choice, the application will offer you books that will potentially interest you.

Open Audiobooks and eBooks menu

When you finish all this and finally enter the application you will see a simple, clean and kinda ugly user interface. In the main menu you will find book suggestions divided into categories, those that are currently popular and so on. When you find a book you want to listen to, you will be able to save it, and when you start listening, the application will automatically remember where you left off. It is also possible to listen to audiobooks even when the phone is locked.

Before you decide what you want to listen to, you’ll be able to read the description of the book, as well as see user comments. Also, for most books, a written version is available, if you prefer to read. What we especially liked is that it is possible to download books to your phone, so you can listen to them even when you don’t have internet access.

Open Audiobooks and eBooks listening to audiobook

The main advantage of OAE is the fact that all books are completely free, and apart from the occasional advertisement, nothing will interfere with your listening. Unfortunately, this is where the main problem arises, and that is the poor library of books. There are about 500 of them in English, and only a few in other languages. The works are mostly classics that are in the public domain, that is, they are not subject to copyright. Another downside is the fact that the narrators in some novels are amateurs, which spoils the enjoyment.

Open Audiobooks and eBooks Is a Solid App, at Least Until You Listen to Its Poor Library

Open Audiobooks and eBooks is a solid app, works decently, offers all the options you need for comfortable listening, is completely free, and isn’t so annoying with ads. Unfortunately, the lack of literary works and amateurish narration is a problem that most users will not forgive. Despite this, here you will find a bunch of classics that you haven’t read or haven’t read recently, so we suggest you try OAE, you will definitely find at least a few books that you want to listen to.




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