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Educational Software

Open Audiobooks and eBooks – Free Audiobooks

If you love reading, you probably have a bookshelf full of books, and you’re certainly no stranger to books in digital format or audiobooks. Audiobooks can be especially handy when you’re driving, jogging, or doing anything that doesn’t require too much concentration. If you like to listen to audiobooks, we have the right application for […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Top 3 Best Free Windows Audio Recorders

Recording sound using a computer is quite simple, and for that, we have a large number of free programs. However, not all programs are equal. Many of them keep their best options locked behind a subscription or have restrictions that make any serious use impossible, and we often see ads, which are always terribly annoying. […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Music Making Apps

Quality music apps on mobile phones are generally not free. Since they are most often used by professionals, this is not surprising. When you do something professionally, you want to pay for the best tools available and you don’t want your work to be hindered by ads and artificial restrictions. However, there are free apps […]Read More