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How to Add a Comment in a PDF Document in Google Docs

One neat option we have in the Google Drive office suite is the ability to leave a comment. In this way, communication between those working on the same document is much faster and easier. However, did you know that you can also leave a comment in a PDF document? Watch our video tutorial where we […]Read More


How to View All YouTube Comments You Have Ever Written

YouTube has a section where you can view all the comments you have ever written. From here, you can delete or change the comments, and all the comments will be neatly sorted by the dates they were written, so it’s easy to navigate. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to view […]Read More


How to Leave a Comment in Microsoft Excel

Have you ever wanted to leave a comment in a cell in Microsoft Excel that explains what a function does or what that cell is for? The good news is that this is possible and very easy to do. It is possible to leave comments on an unlimited number of cells, and each comment will […]Read More