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How to Prevent ChatGPT From Collecting Your Chat Data

When you use ChatGPT, the conversation you have with this artificial intelligence will be saved and, according to the author, is used to improve this service. However, if you don’t want your conversations being collected and saved, in the settings, you can turn this option off. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More

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PSPP is a program for statistical data processing. It is completely free, with no limitations (licensed under GPLv3). It is developed for the most common operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, and it is portable. Currently, it is in stable version 2.0.0 and actively developed. It is intended for statisticians, students, as well as anyone involved […]Read More


How to Turn on Data Saver in Instagram for Android

If you have a limited number of free megabytes or slow internet, Instagram includes a Data Saver option that will, when you turn it on, stop the automatic playback of videos and thus save your data. Videos will only be played when you start them yourself. If you use Instagram while in roaming, activating the […]Read More


How to Turn off Private Data Collection in Viber for Android

Most modern applications collect users’ private data. Most of them claim that this data is collected to “improve the quality of service”, but we all know that the main reason is to show personalized ads and in the worst cases, to sell this data. Viber belongs to this group of applications, and the good news […]Read More


How to Request Deletion of Private Data From Viber on Android

Viber, like most communication apps, collects private user data. The good thing about Viber is that you can request deletion of your private data. When you request the deletion of this data, you will receive a message informing you that Viber has received your request, as well as a message when that request is fulfilled. […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free Backup Programs for Windows

The risk of losing all files, photos, music, and other important documents due to hard disk failure or system crash is always present. The solution is to make regular hard disk backups. Specialized programs are used for this, and in this category, we have a large selection of free programs. Unfortunately, many of these programs […]Read More