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Top Two Best Free Android and iOS Meme Apps

The word meme originated in the 1970s and has its roots in the Greek word mimēma, which means “that which is imitated”. In modern internet culture, a meme is an image, video, or text, which is usually funny and entertaining and which is spread on the internet by users, often with minor variations. Simply put, […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Video Games in 2021

Video games on mobile phones, especially free ones, have a very bad reputation. In addition to the fact that they are often of extremely poor quality or shameless copies of popular games, this free should be put in big quotes. They are free only if you want to dedicate all your free time to them, […]Read More

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Custom Cursor – a fun extension for Google Chrome

If you want to add some liveliness and fun while browsing the internet, we have the perfect thing for you, Custom Cursor free extension for Google Chrome for Windows 7, 8, and 10. This simple extension allows you to change the look of your cursor while using Chrome. In other programs, it will not work. […]Read More