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Developer Tools

Visual Studio Code – a powerful tool for all developers

Visual Studio Code is a text editing program, released by Microsoft. It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers users the ability to edit different types of text and code. In terms of its functionality, it far surpassed its predecessors – Sublime Text and Notepad++ and is completly free(there is no premium version like […]Read More

Networking Software

Feem for unlimited file transfer offline

Feem is a program for exchanging files between devices. Something like Google Drive or Dropbox, only it doesn’t require an internet connection. The African company’s basic idea that made the program is a quick and easy transfer of files from one device to another. Feem, fast offline download The first advantage is that you can […]Read More



Is Telegram just another chat app, or is there more to it. At first sight, it’s the same as WhatsApp. On the second, not so much. Options like adding pictures, contacts, videos, documents, and online status of users we already saw in other applications. So what’s unique about Telegram? Safe chatting What’s unique about Telegram […]Read More

Video Software

Best free programs for video editing

In the sea of digital technology, video editing was never this simple. If we take into account that not so long ago photo editing was a powerful tool for professionals, we are happy to report that today that video editing is available to everyone. We present to you the best free video editing software on […]Read More


5 alternatives to ZOOM

As a simple and useful application for video calls recently ZOOM has taken dominant position on the market. Because of its practicality and accessibility, it is being installed by millions of users around the world. But as a program without end-to-end encryption (which means that private calls could be accessed by other users), problems began […]Read More


What is AnyDesk and should you use it?

Why can’t we have nice things? We all know TeamViewer. Tool for connecting two remote computers and allowing one to take control of another. Because of its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability for years, we have been using it without any thought of an alternative. But in recent times, things have changed. More and […]Read More