Is Telegram just another chat app, or is there more to it.

At first sight, it’s the same as WhatsApp. On the second, not so much. Options like adding pictures, contacts, videos, documents, and online status of users we already saw in other applications. So what’s unique about Telegram?

Safe chatting

What’s unique about Telegram is the ability of secret chatting without leaving any trace on the servers. Also, it has the ability of self-destructing messages, which means that you can set a time interval, after which the messages will automatically delete.

If you are not using this functionality, all messages and files are being saved on the Telegram cloud, so it doesn’t take the additional capacity of your device.

Another interesting feature is the ability to synchronize your devices, so your last activity will be remembered – you can start chatting on your phone and finish on your PC or tablet. During the installation of Telegram on your phone, you can synchronize the application with your contacts.

The ability to edit images will be an interesting option for all creative types. Also, you can send an unlimited number of videos and gifs (up to 1.5GB), and it supports many different types of files – docx, mp3, ZIP, etc.

No annoying ads

One really attractive feature is that (at least for now) Telegram doesn’t show any commercials. That is because Telegram classifieds itself as a non-profit organization.

Another feature of Telegram is the ability to create bots, which are accounts run by software. They can teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands. You can easily identify them because they all have the word “bot” in their name.

Telegram is supported on all major operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Considering the fact that the app was created, as it seems, out of humane reasons, and that is simple to use and feature-rich, it should make even the most demanding users happy.

In the download link we offered Telegram for Android but if you want to download version for iOS, Windows, Mac OS or Linux, please click HERE.



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