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Slack – Efficient Business Communication

Slack is a free program for business communication. It is available in versions for various platforms, as needed for general-purpose business software. These include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the website. Introductory Considerations about Slack Creating dedicated business software for just one company is a very demanding endeavor and investment. Additional problems arise if […]Read More


Threads – A New Social Network Similar to Twitter

When the famous billionaire, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, bought the Twitter company last year, the news quickly spread through the media, with the help of journalist Matt Taibbi, of the incredible level of censorship that this social network implemented. It was shown here that moderators had the ability to fully influence whether […]Read More


How to Turn Off Message Requests on Instagram for Android

By default, when someone you don’t follow sends you a message on Instagram, that message will end up in a separate section. If you don’t want to receive requests from unknown users on Instagram, you can turn this off completely. When you turn off this option, if someone you don’t follow or isn’t in your […]Read More


How to Delete a Sent Message on Instagram for Android

If you sent a message on Instagram by mistake, the good news is that it is possible to delete that message. When you delete a message, it will be deleted on your phone as well as on the phone of the person you sent the message to. Also, that person will not be notified that […]Read More


How to Send a Disappearing Message in Instagram for Android

If you want to use Instagram to send a message with sensitive information, which is better not left on the phone, the solution is disappearing messages. When you send a disappearing message, it will be automatically deleted as soon as the person you sent it to sees the message and exits the chat. An additional […]Read More


How to Delete a Sent Message on Viber for Android

If you send a message, then change your mind and wish you hadn’t sent it, Viber offers a solution. Namely, Viber allows users to delete a sent message. You can delete the message only on your phone, as well as on the phone of the person you sent the message to. Unfortunately, if that person […]Read More


Which Chat App Is Better, Threema or Signal?

Threema and Signal are, without a doubt, the two best chat apps that focus on user privacy. Keeping in mind that users are paying more and more attention to online privacy, we decided to compare these two apps and find out which one is better. How Do Threema and Signal Work? Threema and Signal are […]Read More


Top 4 Best Free Android Emoji Apps

Emoji are a convenient way to express your feelings in a message. There is no need to describe how you feel, it is enough to send a picture with a facial expression and your feelings will be immediately clear. Over the years, these smiling, sad, angry and many other faces have become increasingly popular and […]Read More