Feem for unlimited file transfer offline

Feem for unlimited file transfer offline

Feem is a program for exchanging files between devices. Something like Google Drive or Dropbox, only it doesn’t require an internet connection. The African company’s basic idea that made the program is a quick and easy transfer of files from one device to another.

Feem, fast offline download

The first advantage is that you can connect to an unlimited number of devices. The program detects all devices connected to the same local wi-fi network, so the type of device is not a limitation. Feem is available for Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android. What makes users especially happy is the fact that compared to Bluetooth, the transfer speed is 50 times higher!


The other big thing is data protection. Namely, the African company claims that your data is secured because the TLS crypto-protocol protects every connection. The fact that there are no restrictions on the size of files also speaks in favor of the product. That means you don’t need to stop uploading until you transfer all the files from one device to another! If for some reason, you have to stop the transfer, the next time the transfer will start right where you left off.

Another little thing intended to gain users is the interface. Feem comes with an interface similar to WhatsApp or any other chat application. Once you have paired with another device, you can start chatting, and then select the option to upload files.

Starting the program is pretty straightforward. After installing Feem on all devices, run it on each device, and a connection will be established between them. Each device will be assigned a local IP address and name, and even an icon will appear that explains what type of device it is.

Not everything is so great

Feem is offered in two variants, free and paid. The free version comes with certain restrictions. The biggest drawback is the overcrowding with advertisements. Also, there is no possibility of changing the name of the device and the icon that it represents. The inability to detect the SD card of the device is a thing that is quite “eye-popping”.

For home use, the free edition is more than enough. Also, the manufacturers of Feem claim that the connection is secure and that there is no chance of interception. Therefore, if you need a program for occasional file transfer in your home, Feem will live up to your expectations.

Feem is supported on all major operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

When you open the download page, scroll to the bottom of the page to select which operating system you want to download the program for.



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