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PLEX – The Ultimate Multimedia Platform

Plex is a free program for streaming and listening to multimedia content such as movies, TV shows, music… It is available in versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, various set-top box devices, NAS drives, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TVs, and even as a web application. It’s better to say that it exists for almost all possible platforms. There […]Read More

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Shazam – Assistant for Music Lovers

How many times have you heard a song you like in a coffee shop and you don’t know its name? And after many attempts to guess the name of the song, you simply give up. In the end, you never find out what the song is called or who performs it. Today we present to […]Read More


How to Automatically Mute Music When Using Voice Chat in Steam

Everyone knows that playing video games is most fun with friends, and if you are doing it online, then it is necessary to communicate. For this reason, Steam includes a handy option that, when turned on, will automatically mute the music when you chat using Steam’s Voice Chat. Note that if you are using another […]Read More


How to Add Music to a Google Slides Presentation

Music makes every presentation better and more interesting. However, when you’re playing a presentation from a company computer or a laptop borrowed from a colleague or friend, you may not have access to the music you wanted to play. A much better solution is to add music directly to the presentation, and Google Slides includes […]Read More


How to Add Music to a PowerPoint Presentation

Good music can make any PowerPoint presentation more engaging and interesting to listen to. While you can play music from YouTube or your computer while giving a presentation, a much better solution is to add music directly to PowerPoint. This way you can be sure that YouTube won’t play ads in the middle of the […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free Karaoke Programs for Windows

Karaoke was created in the 70s and very quickly became so popular that it is still one of the main forms of entertainment today. When they were created, special karaoke machines were used, which were expensive and complicated to operate, so karaoke was only available in bars. Today, for karaoke, we have a large selection […]Read More

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Parallel – Social Network for Music Lovers

SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube are the most popular online platforms for listening to music, although not the only ones. Although these three platforms are far above all others in terms of the number of users, this does not mean that the others have nothing to offer and should not be ignored. Parallel is a free […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Music Making Apps

Quality music apps on mobile phones are generally not free. Since they are most often used by professionals, this is not surprising. When you do something professionally, you want to pay for the best tools available and you don’t want your work to be hindered by ads and artificial restrictions. However, there are free apps […]Read More