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How to Turn Off Steam News Popup

When you start Steam, a popup called Steam News will appear. In this way, Steam informs you about the latest games and discounts that you are potentially interested in. However, for many, this only bothers them and they would prefer that this popup does not appear at all. The good news is that this can […]Read More


How to Allow Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge

Popups are very annoying we can all agree on that. Luckily, today all browsers have the option to block them automatically. This was not always the case and we used to have to install programs that block pop-ups. However, in Microsoft Edge, for certain websites to work properly, it is necessary to allow pop-ups. This […]Read More


How to stop Windows 10 from displaying Taskbar popups

Windows 10 looks more and more like a bad free-to-play mobile game by inserting ads wherever possible. What’s worse is that they often try to disguise those ads and present them as something else. Microsoft calls the ads it displays in the taskbar “tips, tricks, and suggestions.” These “tips” have included recommendations for users to […]Read More