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How to Change the Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

When you enter keywords in the URL field of an Internet browser instead of a website address, an internet search will be performed. By default, when you use Microsoft Edge, the search will be performed using Bing. If you want to search using another service, you can change the Search Engine in the settings. Watch […]Read More

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Simple Search – Search Without Unwanted Results

When you perform a search using, for example, Google, the first few results you get are not the results that most closely match the keywords you entered. The first few results, if we take Google as an example, are Google websites, websites you visit often, and of course advertisements. Ads, as a rule, occupy the […]Read More


Firefox – How to Add and Remove Internet Search Engine

Mozilla Firefox comes with a number of Search Engines already installed. However, many websites have a search feature, and Firefox offers the option to add these search services to an Internet browser. This option is handy because if you want to, for example, search for something on YouTube, you don’t have to go to a […]Read More


How to Change the Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

When you type keywords in the Google Chrome browser URL field instead of the correct website address, a Google search will be performed. This is a handy option because when you want to search for something, you don’t have to go to Google’s website and do a search there. However, what if you want to […]Read More


How to Enable Dark Mode on Google’s Website

The google.com website finally got Dark Mode. For years users have been asking for this, and although this option was available to some back in December 2020, at the time it was only tested. As of September 2021, it is available to all users of Google’s search engine. Watch our video where we show you […]Read More