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ViaMichelin – 5-star navigation

Traveling used to be a real adventure, especially over long distances. Over the past hundred years, however, that has become less and less true. There are many reasons for this change. Better roads have been built, reaching unimaginable places. Means of transportation, whether cars, motorcycles, or even airplanes, have become more comfortable, faster, and more […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Travel Planning Programs

If you are planning a trip, the organization is the most important part. You can hire an agency for this, but they usually offer already prepared plans from which there are not many deviations. If you want an atypical trip, you will have to organize everything yourself. With the help of modern technology, this has […]Read More


Airbnb apartment rental app for Android and iOS

Airbnb is an Android and iOS apartment rental application that works on the same principle as the Airbnb website. It is intended for tourists or those who simply want to rent an apartment in a city for a certain period. In the list of real estate, you can find from simple rooms all the way […]Read More