ViaMichelin – 5-star navigation

ViaMichelin – 5-star navigation

Traveling used to be a real adventure, especially over long distances. Over the past hundred years, however, that has become less and less true. There are many reasons for this change. Better roads have been built, reaching unimaginable places. Means of transportation, whether cars, motorcycles, or even airplanes, have become more comfortable, faster, and more reliable. Accommodation capacities have multiplied. Information about roads and destinations has become widely available. Satellite navigation has provided unprecedented precision in locating routes and destinations. Then the Internet appeared and spread worldwide. And finally, every form of transport, especially tourism, is a rapidly advancing industry. Via Michelin is the logical consequence of everything previously mentioned.

What is ViaMichelin?

ViaMichelin is a free application whose primary aim is to facilitate trip planning and reaching desired destinations. It was developed for Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as a website version. There is also a Premium version of the app with additional features and without any discreet advertisements that are present in the basic version which is sufficient for safe travel purposes. ViaMichelin provides a large number of useful and verified data including detailed road maps with traffic information on them as well as an extensive database of hotels, restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, and places of interest nearby.

ViaMichelin - Route

In the settings, you can define the type of roads you prefer. There, you enter information about your vehicle, fuel type, and average consumption. With this information, the application calculates the total cost of a route so that you can choose the most economical option. There are three types of maps available for viewing. If necessary, when routing, you can also set intermediate destinations along the way to your final destination.

If you save a desired route, you can use the application offline. In case you have continuous internet access, which is now becoming more common, you receive real-time traffic information. This way, you can avoid traffic jams by taking alternate routes. The information about hotels and restaurants is detailed. You have access to reviews and ratings from other users.

How does ViaMichelin differ from other GPS navigation apps?

Basically, working with this application is similar to working with any other GPS navigation application. If we were to compare Google Maps with ViaMichelin, we would notice that Google Maps is more for general use, while ViaMichelin is focused on tourist trips. That’s why it provides more detailed information about hotels, restaurants, attractions along the way. Since they are based on different data and algorithms, the applications can provide different routes to the same destination. ViaMichelin offers a personalized choice of routes between the cheapest, fastest, and most scenic options. This application is part of the Michelin Group which provides services related to restaurants and travel. It is also connected to Michelin services and tires, which can be useful.

ViaMichelin - Hotels

ViaMichlin makes planning travels simpler ensuring smoother experiences throughout trips being free simple-to-use considering its role in avoiding unpleasant surprises during journeys. We recommend combining this app with another similar one offering different features, since nobody’s perfect.

The Download button will take you directly to the Android version of ViaMichelin, while iOS users can find it HERE.
You can also access their website with similar functionalities at

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