Airbnb apartment rental app for Android and iOS

Airbnb apartment rental app for Android and iOS

Airbnb is an Android and iOS apartment rental application that works on the same principle as the Airbnb website. It is intended for tourists or those who simply want to rent an apartment in a city for a certain period. In the list of real estate, you can find from simple rooms all the way to luxury apartments, villas, and yachts. The accommodation list contains a huge number of properties in over 200 countries around the world.

How it works

Airbnb works by having the traveler find the property, using pictures and descriptions, and a price. They then communicate with the owner about the date of arrival and where to collect the key. It is important to emphasize that the possibility of fraud is virtually non-existent because payment is made through the website or application and only after staying in the apartment. After the passenger confirms the reservation, Airbnb retains the funds for payment 24 hours, before forwarding them to the host. The company also takes a 3% fee per booking from the host to reimburse the transaction processing costs. Airbnb offers the option of leaving a rating to the host, which is useful if you want to stay in a “verified” apartment. We should not forget the warranty program for the host, which provides protection for possible material damage.



You can search the database as a guest at any time, but you need a profile to register properties for rent. If you are traveling, you need a profile page, and you can book accommodation almost anywhere in the world. When you find the accommodation you like, you can click on the “Book” button and enter the payment details. You can also get directions to the selected location in many cities, and you can also share locations via social networks. As a host, you can reply to messages, accept or reject bookings, but also grant discounts to your guests.

New experiences

The Airbnb application offers one innovation in relation to the website, which is the “new experiences” option. This option uses your current location to make suggestions for places to visit, such as nightclubs or specific parts of the city that only locals know about. Here you can also view the national specialties of the country in which you are located.


Whether you are a tourist or an avid traveler looking for last-minute accommodation, Airbnb offers a lot in terms of a variety of properties and services. This Android and iOS app provides secure transactions and is a very powerful tool for finding accommodation quickly and efficiently.

In the download link we offered Airbnb for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS please click HERE.


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