How to send large files on Windows 10

How to send large files on Windows 10

Sending large files over the Internet in Windows 10 can be challenging, even if you previously zipped a file because the standard Email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook have limits on the maximum attachment size you can send. So you can send a maximum of up to 25 MB in one email via Gmail, up to a maximum of 25 MB via Yahoo, and you can send a maximum of up to 20 MB via Outlook. However, there’s an easy way around these limitations by using Filemail (a free online service for sending large files, no size limit). See how in our video below.

Video transcript:

  1. Create a folder in which to zip the files you want to send
  2. Put the files you want to send in a folder
  3. Right-click and in the drop-down menu click on Add to archive…
  4. Change the file name and location where you want to save it, then click OK
  5. Open a browser and type in the address bar
  6. In To (email), type the email address to which you want to send the file
  7. In From (email), type the email that will be displayed as the sender
  8. Enter a subject in Subject and an email message in Message
  9. Click Add Files
  10. Select the file you want to send and click Open
  11. Click Send
  12. Here you choose how long the file will be available for download. Only in the premium version, it can be longer than 7 days.
  13. Click Send
  14. To download the file, open your email
  15. Open the email message and click on Download File
  16. Click Download file
  17. Click on the arrow, then on Show in folder
  18. Double click on the downloaded file
  19. Drag the content to where you want to save the files



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