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Nextcloud – A New Approach to Storing, Syncing, and Sharing Files

Nextcloud is a free and open-source platform designed primarily for storing, syncing, and sharing files. Initially developed for Linux, it is now available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Essentially, the application you install on your device configures Nextcloud to operate within a web interface (web browser). How does Nextcloud work? Nextcloud […]Read More

Networking Software

AirDroid – Transfer Data Between PC and Phone

Transferring data from a computer to a mobile device and vice versa is something we all have a need for from time to time. In addition to a cable connection, we can do this through email, and numerous online services, such as Filemail and WeTransfer, and we can even use messaging apps such as Viber […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free File Managers for Android

File Manager is one of the most important applications for your device. It lets you access your files, manage storage space on your phone or tablet, move files and folders, access downloaded files, and more. Many people do not like to mess with files and folders, because this can be a boring process, but if […]Read More


Samsung’s Quick Share app is coming to Windows 10

One thing that Android users can envy Apple is the AirDrop app. With AirDrop, users can share images, videos and other files over all their devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer, over a Wi-Fi network, provided all of these devices have the apple logo on them. This is probably the biggest advantage […]Read More

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What are torrents?

You’ve probably heard of torrents, a way to get music, movies, or games completely free. You’ve also probably heard that using torrents is illegal. In this article, we explore what torrents are, how they work, whether they are legal, and how to protect ourselves when we use them. What is a torrent? The name torrent […]Read More

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Files by Google

Files by Google is a free Android application whose primary function is to free up space on your phone. It is intelligently studying applications, unwanted emails, and duplicate files that need to be removed so that your mobile phone stays in top shape. It can also help your device get better organized, and it also […]Read More

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How to send large files on Windows 10

Sending large files over the Internet in Windows 10 can be challenging, even if you previously zipped a file because the standard Email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook have limits on the maximum attachment size you can send. So you can send a maximum of up to 25 MB in one email via […]Read More