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Wino Mail – A Simpler Replacement for Outlook

Most Windows users are familiar with Outlook, an email management program. However, the majority of users do not use this program, although the function it provides is extremely useful. The reason for this, in our opinion, is the fact that Outlook is quite complicated to use and offers a large number of options that many […]Read More

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Spark – Smart Email Sorting

Most of us, who use a computer at work every day, receive a large number of emails. Going through all these emails can be a time-consuming and tedious job, especially since not all emails are equally important. For this reason, it is good to have a program that will help us sort our emails more […]Read More


How to Translate an Email Using Gmail

Translating anything using the Internet is quite easy and there are many free services for this. Gmail makes this process even easier. Namely, in Gmail it is possible to translate any email, directly from Gmail, using Google Translate. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to translate email using Gmail, using Windows 10, […]Read More


How to Change Email Address on Instagram for Android

When you create a new account on Instagram, you will be given the option to add your email address. You can skip this step and leave this field blank. If you didn’t add an email address when you created your account or you created a new email and now you want to change the one […]Read More


How to Block All Emails From a Specific Website in Gmail

If you are receiving unwanted emails in Gmail, it is possible to block the email address from which you receive these emails. However, it often happens that you do not receive unwanted emails from the same email address, but they all come from the same website. The good news is that, in Gmail, you can […]Read More

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Briskine – Templates for Writing Emails

Help with writing emails is always welcome, especially if you write them often for work and if these emails are similar. Just remember how many times you started and ended an email in exactly the same way. In addition, it is often necessary to send the same e-mails in which only the name or date […]Read More


How to Draft Gmail Email Directly From Google Docs

Google Docs has an interesting option that will allow you to create a Gmail email directly from Docs, and you can save this email to the Draft folder. This way you can easily format the text of the email because all the Google Docs options will be available when writing the email. Check out our […]Read More


How to Block and Unblock an Email Address in Gmail

Gmail offers an option that allows you to quickly block an email address, and if you want to unblock it, the process is also quite quick and easy. When you block an email address, all emails coming to you from that email address will automatically be sent to the Spam folder. Check out our video […]Read More