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Firefox Relay – Fake Email for Website Registration

Most websites require registration before allowing us full access to their content. This means that we have to leave our email address on almost every website. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. All platforms guarantee the privacy and protection of the personal data of their users. However, in practice, the situation is much […]Read More


How to stop emails from Google Play Store on Android

Google sends users emails notifying them of news and “best” offers in the Play Store. These are essentially advertisements, which aim to draw you into the Play Store, where you will potentially spend money, from which Google takes 30%. Fortunately, there is an option to stop these emails. Watch our video where we show you […]Read More

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RightInbox – upgraded Gmail

Whatever opinion you have about Google as a company, and ours is not so good, the fact is, some of their products are of very high quality. Gmail is one such product. It works great, and the options it has will easily satisfy most users’ needs. Even better is the fact that if you need […]Read More


What is spam (junk) email

Spam mail, also known as junk mail, is all the emails you recive that you don’t want. Whether it is any information, advertisements, questions, various attempts at fraud, etc. This is usually done for commercial purposes as a form of very cheap advertising, and sometimes it can be a malicious attempt to gain access to […]Read More


How to send a large file on Android

How to send a large file on Android? Sending large files over the Internet on Android can be inconvenient, even if you zip them beforehand because the email services we most commonly use have a limit on the maximum size of files to send. This limit is generally at a maximum of 25 MB. There […]Read More

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How to send large files on Windows 10

Sending large files over the Internet in Windows 10 can be challenging, even if you previously zipped a file because the standard Email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook have limits on the maximum attachment size you can send. So you can send a maximum of up to 25 MB in one email via […]Read More