Firefox Relay – Fake Email for Website Registration

Firefox Relay – Fake Email for Website Registration

Most websites require registration before allowing us full access to their content. This means that we have to leave our email address on almost every website. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. All platforms guarantee the privacy and protection of the personal data of their users.

However, in practice, the situation is much different. Security vulnerabilities, database hacking, negligence, and sometimes even the sale of our private information lead to, at best, receiving spam emails, and at worst, identity theft or leaking of bank account information.

Introducing Firefox Relay, a free plugin for Mozilla Firefox that will allow you to use fake email to register on websites and online services.

How Does Firefox Relay Work?

Firefox Relay is a better version of a service such as 10minutemail, that without registration and without leaving any personal information gives you a temporary email that lasts 10 minutes, during which time you can use it to register on a website. After 10 minutes, this email disappears. Firefox Relay serves the same purpose, but here email lasts forever.

In the free version, it is possible to create up to 5 fake email addresses, while this limit does not exist if you pay for the full version of the program. These emails remain forever remembered in the program, and all emails you receive when you register using them, will not arrive at your private email account, but in the Firefox Relay inbox.

Firefox Relay menu

Emails are limited to 150 kilobytes in size, and it is possible to block the receipt of any emails. The name of the fake email cannot be chosen, but it is automatically generated and looks something like this: [email protected].

The reason for this is not to reveal the identity of the user in any way, and for ease of use, there is an option to give each fake email a name, which only you know and is not displayed anywhere except within the plugin. Also, when filling in the registration or account creation form, there is an option that will automatically enter a fake email address, so you don’t have to type or copy it.

Firefox Relay settings

Firefox Relay Protects Your Privacy

Firefox Relay is a great plugin that is easy to use and works flawlessly. Its biggest drawback is that it is only available for the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. We suggest it to everyone who often visits various websites that require registration and do not want to leave their private email address everywhere.

Mozilla Firefoxžni email za



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