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Top 3 Best Free Android Keyboard Apps

Every Android device comes with a keyboard app already installed, however, whether it will be good or bad depends on the manufacturer. Fortunately, in this category, we have a large selection of applications that will meet all our needs. Most keyboard applications are of high quality and differ in terms of functionality and business model. […]Read More

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Beeftext – Faster Writing Using Keywords

Office work often requires writing repetitive emails and messages. An introductory greeting, contact information, or personal signature are just some of the examples. Constantly writing this information can be tedious as well as time-consuming. A good solution would be a program that automates these actions. Introducing Beeftext, a free program for Windows 7, 8, 10, […]Read More


How to turn on text suggestions in Windows 10

Most of us have come into contact with automatic text suggestions when we are typing mobile phone messages. When we start typing a word, three suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard, which we can tap, and the word will be written in our message. Did you know that Windows 10 also has […]Read More


RapidTyping – learn blind typing

Learning fast and blind typing on the keyboard is a matter of time and practice. There is no magic trick to suddenly becoming a professional, but there are tips that will help you, and exercise is the most important. Introducing RapidTyping, a free Windows application that teaches you how to type correctly, so you can […]Read More