How to turn on text suggestions in Windows 10

How to turn on text suggestions in Windows 10

Most of us have come into contact with automatic text suggestions when we are typing mobile phone messages. When we start typing a word, three suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard, which we can tap, and the word will be written in our message.

Did you know that Windows 10 also has this feature? This is not a new thing we got a couple of months ago, and it has been around for a few years now. This works exactly the same as on a mobile phone. When you start typing a word, you will get three suggestions that you can click with the mouse or use the keyboard, and the selected word will appear in the text you are writing.

By default, this option is turned off, but it’s easy to turn it on, and we’ve made a video showing you how to turn on text suggestions while typing in Windows 10.

Video transcript:

  1. In the search box, type settings
  2. Click on the first result obtained
  3. Click on Devices
  4. Click on Typing
  5. Turn on Show text suggestions as I type


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