Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale

It is impossible not to notice how the game Fortnite has set the world on fire since it came out in 2017. It is a free game with microtransactions in the battle royale genre available for Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, and iOS.

What are you doing in Fortnite?

The flying bus slowly flies over the post-apocalyptic island, and 100 players choose the location where they want to jump off. Players play alone or in teams of two or four people.

fortnite start

The goal is to kill all the other players and remain the last undisputed king of the apocalypse.

Everyone starts the game armed with a pickaxe, which they use to dig up material from almost any object on the map, and which can be divided into wood, brick, and metal. Various buildings can be constructed from the collected materials, such as fortresses or platforms for climbing to the tops of already existing buildings or bridges for crossing rivers.

You are also exploring and looting various locations and asking yourself why everyone has such large quantities of weapons and ammunition in their homes.

fortnite shop

Meanwhile, on the edges of the map, a raging storm is spreading over time towards the center, forcing the players into an ever-smaller arena.

So, you have two main types of Fortnite players. You will have those who build fortresses and play defensively, choose a safe place near the center of the island where they build their base and wait to mow down unfortunate players who get too close, and those who rush in search of better weapons and go hunting for other players in order to kill them before the storm has a chance to become a factor.

Part of the skill of playing the game is guessing where to jump off the bus, not only because of the proximity of where good weapons are probably hiding but also because of the chance that other players will have the same idea as you. It is quite possible to land just to be blown away literally as soon as your feet touch the ground. This is, precisely, part of the charm, the battle of one against all, the battle of wit between you and all others.

fortnite action

It is easy to see why Fortnite conquered the world. The cartoon art style looks beautiful, the atmosphere is excellent and addictive gameplay leave a great impression.

Note for Android and iOS

Due to financial disputes between the publisher of Fortnite Epic Games and Google and Apple, on Android and iOS, the game cannot be downloaded through the app store, but the process is a bit more complicated.

For Android, you need to go to THIS website. From there, you will download and install the Epic Games Store APK. If you are doing this for the first time, you will be prompted to enable “install from unknown source” for either Google Chrome or your device as a whole. After that, you will be able to install the game from the downloaded application.

For iOS, Fortnite will only work for players who have already installed the game in the past. It doesn’t matter if the app is transferred or manually deleted from the device. This means that this method will not apply to players trying to download Fortnite for the first time.

  1. Select the “My Purchases” option that is available on theApp Store
  2. Then select the “purchased” option Select “My Purchases” to open your app directory of all iOS apps that were ever downloaded
  3. Search for “Fortnite”
  4. If the app is visible, then select the cloud icon
  5. The app download will begin



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