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Utilities & Operating Systems

PlayOnLinux – Running Windows Programs and Games on Linux

Most people are accustomed to commercial operating systems like Windows and macOS. Operating systems serve to support programs. An operating system needs to “know” everything about the hardware, but programs do not. There are different types of programs. System programs enable the operating system to function properly. Development programs are used for programming. However, the […]Read More


How to Change the Language of Video Games in Battle.net

When playing video games, it’s often necessary to know the language the game is in, otherwise you won’t be able to follow the story or know what your next task is. For this reason, games often support multiple languages, and you are free to choose the language you want to use. It’s the same with […]Read More


How to Make Epic Games Launcher Notify You About Free Games

Epic Games Launcher gives away one or more games absolutely free every Thursday. The games are available for a week, that is, until next Thursday, after which some other games become free. To make sure you don’t forget to claim your free games, it’s best to turn on the option that will notify you every […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Video Games in 2021

Video games on mobile phones, especially free ones, have a very bad reputation. In addition to the fact that they are often of extremely poor quality or shameless copies of popular games, this free should be put in big quotes. They are free only if you want to dedicate all your free time to them, […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Online Collectible Card Games (CCG)

Collectible Card Games (CCG) are more popular today than ever. The game that created this format back in 1993 is Magic: The Gathering and many similar games have emerged since then. The concept is simple. Players buy packs of cards, similar to the ones we see in sticker cards. Each card contains certain abilities that […]Read More


Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free action RPG game running on Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and you can register HERE. The game takes place in the fictional world of Wraeclast. Wraeclast is a land of the damned. This deserted continent is home to many horrors, murderous beasts, and restless […]Read More