Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free action RPG game running on Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and you can register HERE. The game takes place in the fictional world of Wraeclast.

Wraeclast is a land of the damned. This deserted continent is home to many horrors, murderous beasts, and restless undead. The earth itself is cursed, permeated with darkness and malice. In it sleeps an ancient strength, the Beast that corrupts the souls of the weak.

The natural world is a distorted caricature of life, a cynical mockery of the beauty that once existed here. The dead in eternal pain, sorrow, and hunger walk aimlessly, waiting for their next prey. In the darkest abysses, lurk horrors that devour both mind and body. Wraeclast is a prison to which the Eternal Empire expels all who resist its power.

You are a convict, thrown into the waters by the jailers next to Wraeclast as punishment for crimes committed against the Empire. You wake up on the shore with another unfortunate soul, who is soon devoured by the dead. Your first experience is death, and the way forward promises few other experiences other than this, already presented one. This is Wraeclast, this is the path of exiles.

Path of Exile – quality that is rarely seen

Path of Exile is an action RPG and the spiritual successor of Diablo 2 and was published in 2013. At the very beginning of this review, we will give Path of Exile the title of the best Action RPG out there. Everything from the atmosphere, gameplay, the number of things you can do, and the constant support of its publisher Grinding Gear Games, to the fact that it is completely free, gives us the confidence to say that you will not find a better representative of this genre than Path of Exile.

Path of Exile in game

Action RPG is not a genre that everyone likes, but despite that, we believe that the quality of Path of Exile is so great that it will provide at least a few hours of quality entertainment to anyone. On the other hand, those who really like games like this can spend over 3300 hours in the darkness of Wraeclast, as the writer of this text did. 🙂

What is Path of Exile

At the beginning of the game, you choose one of the seven characters. You control it using a mouse and by left-clicking where you want to move, and the right click for attacking. The keyboard is used to drink potions and cast spells.

You can equip your hero with various armors, magic rings, and weapons. The spells and weapons you can use are not limited to a character class, as is usually the case in games like this, but all classes can use all types of weapons and all spells.

Path of Exile inventory

In the game, the main focus is on fighting various monsters lurking from all sides, and that is what you will do the most. This is the most important aspect of the game and its flawless execution reflects the quality of this game. Playing simple, and the gaming experience itself is phenomenal.

Through the game, you gather experience. When you gather enough experience, you get one point that you can use to improve your hero. Path of Exile has a unique approach to character development. You spend the points you get on a huge tree of passive skills, which can give smaller improvements such as 10% more damage or 5% more life, to changes that drastically change how your character works, such as using life instead of mana to cast spells.

Path of Exile skills

The graphics, although 8 years old, is very atmospheric. The focus is not on realism but on style, and what is presented, although showing its age, will hardly provoke much criticism from anyone. The good side of this is that you won’t need a state-of-the-art gaming computer to play, although we recommend using an SSD hard drive.

The story in the game is largely in the background. The characters who give you quests will tell you why you are doing something, but the history of the world and the details of the story are hidden behind riddles, descriptions of items, and old books and monoliths that you find on your journey.

Path of Exile as an Action RPG

We have already mentioned that Action RPG is a genre that some will like and some will not. If you don’t like endlessly beating up monsters while thinking about the next skill point and weapon you want to get, this is not the game for you. But if this is exactly what you are looking for, in Path of Exile you will find everything that makes this genre of video games so good.

There is an almost endless combination of magic, character skills, and playing styles you can choose from, and as in all games of this type, the real fun begins only when you beat the game and move to the end game content. When Path of Exile was originally released it was very original with its end game content, but since then it model has been copied by many games and not just those from this genre.

Path of Exile fight

Namely, when you finish the base game, you will get access to a device in which you can put map items that you have found so far in the game. You will find more of these maps in the maps themselves. This will open a portal, which will take you to a kind of challenge to kill all the monsters and the main boss in order to get the best prizes in the game. You can further modify these maps to make the challenge greater, but also to get more rewards.

In addition to this, there are leagues. League is the most popular mode in the game. Every three months a new league begins. At the beginning of the league, everyone starts from scratch, which means they all make a new character. Each league brings new game mechanics, whether it’s just a new way to kill monsters or plant a garden and then kill monsters or an endless mine that you go deeper and deeper into and kill monsters.

When the league is over, all your characters from that league go into the standard mode, and a new league starts with a new mechanic. This means that there is always something new in the game that you can do, and this is the main way in which the game is constantly improving.

How much does Path of Exile cost to play?

Like we said Path of Exile is free, but as we know a bunch of “free” games aren’t really free. In Path of Exile, this is not the case, for the most part. You can buy cosmetic items, which will, for example, make your sword be on fire, but this is only visual and has no effect on the strength of your hero. There are a lot of these cosmetics and that is the main way the game earns money.

There are no in-game ads at all. There is no way to buy power. The equipment can be traded between players for in-game money, which also cannot be bought, only earned in the game. So non of the worst practices which plague many “free” games are here.

Another way games like this try to make money is by limiting inventory and storage space. Inventory is a space on your hero where you can keep the items you find and always have them with you, and storage is a place where you store items that you don’t need to have with you all the time. You usually get a very small inventory where it can barely fit anything and slightly larger storage, so you have to buy more space to play normally.

Path of Exile stash and cosmetics

In Path of Exile, the inventory is large, always the same size, and cannot be increased, and the space in the storage is divided into tabs, which can be purchased. The tabs themselves are quite large, and you get 4 free tabs. This is more than enough and unless you decide to keep everything you come across, for which there is no need, you will not need more space.

Unfortunately, here comes our only criticism. Trading among players is the main way to get the strongest items, and having enough money to buy those items can only be achieved if you sell valuables that you find that you don’t need. The trade takes place on a website ran by the company that published the game. Buying from the site is easy and anyone can do it.

However, in order for something you want to sell to appear on the site, within the game, the tab should be set as a Trade Tab, then you can set the price for any item in it and your offer will appear on the site. You cannot post directly to the site.

The tabs you get for free are regular tabs, and only premium tabs can be marked as a Trade Tab. To get to the premium tab the only way is to pay to upgrade a regular tab or buy a premium tab directly.

This means that if you really want to dive deep in Path of Exile you will have to pay a minimum of $ 5, which is the minimum amount of premium currency and which is enough to buy a couple of premium tabs. We would like the game to give at least one premium tab for free, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

An absolute recommendation for Path of Exile

Lots of clicks, monsters, magic, and battles in the dark, await you in the world of Path of Exile. Play your first game and find out why the experience of playing this game is just brilliant!

Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One



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