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How to Turn Off Personalized Ads in Viber for Android

Viber collects users’ private data, and then uses that data to display personalized advertisements. The good news is that there is an option in the settings that will disable the display of personalized ads, as well as the collection of private data, which we have already shown you in this tutorial. Watch our video tutorial […]Read More


How to Turn Off Targeted Ads in Google Chrome

Targeted ads are ads that are specifically selected for you based on your online behavior. As you can guess, the reason why ad serving companies know how you behave online is due to the fact that, more or less, all websites collect and sell your private information to these companies. If you want to turn […]Read More


How to Turn Off Personalized Ads in the Reddit App for Android

Have you ever searched for a product on Google and then started seeing ads for that product on websites and apps? These are personalized ads, and you get them when websites and apps track your online activity and then sell that information to advertising companies. Certain websites and apps offer the option not to show […]Read More


How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram for Android

There are times when you click on an Instagram ad that interests you, but later you can’t remember the name of the company or product. For this reason, Instagram keeps a history of all the ads you’ve ever viewed. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to find recently viewed ads on Instagram […]Read More


How to Pause Ad Blocker in Brave for Android

In our opinion, Brave is the best internet browser, whether you use it on a PC or a mobile phone. In addition to protecting your security and not monitoring your internet activity, it also has a built-in Ad Blocker. However, some websites detect Ad Blocker and do not allow you to view the content until […]Read More


How to Reset Advertising ID on Android

The Android operating system has a unique identifier called Advertising ID. Advertising companies use this ID to track your activity in applications and on the Internet and to serve you targeted advertisements. This identifier cannot be removed, but it can be reset. In this way, your activity is deleted, that is, you get a new […]Read More


How to remove ads from File Explorer in Windows 10

It’s interesting and a bit scary how much the users have become a product for big tech companies. Serving advertisements at every step has become a business model of many companies. Very sad are the statistics that show that “free” programs with advertisements are often more profitable than traditional paid programs. Unfortunately, the mania of […]Read More