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How to Change Display Name in Reddit for Android

A Reddit username is a unique name that each user has, while a Display Name is the name that is displayed when you write a post or comment. Username must be unique and once chosen cannot be changed. On the other hand, the Display Name does not have to be unique and you can easily […]Read More


How to Change Your Name on Skype

If you want to change your Skype username, that is, the name you use when you log into your account, it is not possible and the only way to change it is to create a new account. However, if you want to change the name that is displayed within Skype, you can easily do so […]Read More


YouTube Handle – A Unique Name for Each Channel

YouTube has announced a new option called Handle. The idea behind this option is to help YouTube users find and communicate with authors more easily, by allowing each YouTube channel to have, in addition to the channel name, which does not have to be unique, although there is an option to pay and get a […]Read More


How to Change Hotspot Name on Android

By default, the hotspot name of your phone is usually the same as the phone model. If your colleagues or housemates have the same phone model, there may be confusion when you want to connect to your hotspot. Fortunately, you can change your hotspot name and choose anything you like. Watch our video tutorial where […]Read More