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Xiret – Benchmark for Beginners

Windows Vista is not remembered as a good operating system. It was a version of Windows, which aimed to test the new technology. One of Vista’s innovations was the Windows System Assessment Tool, a computer benchmarking tool. We remember that users were, for the most part, dissatisfied with this tool, but it survived in versions […]Read More


How to turn off animations in Windows 10 for better performance

If you have an older computer, which has difficulty running Windows 10, turning off the animations can significantly improve performance. Windows 10 offers a convenient solution in which you can set the system to the best performance and thus delay the purchase of a new computer, at least for a while. Check out our video […]Read More


How to set up USB for better performance in Windows 10

When copying something to your USB drive, it is recommended that you always use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option before removing the device. This is because, although Windows has shown that copying is complete, it sometimes happens that there are still a couple of uncopied bits left. When you use this option, you tell Windows […]Read More