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Best Free Replacements for Adobe Photoshop

When we talk about image editing programs, Photoshop is the program that first comes to mind. Photoshop is the most famous and popular program in this category and with good reason. The options it has are phenomenal, the user interface is modern and easy to use, and it works quickly and without errors. The only […]Read More

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Photodemon – a free image editing program

We write about photo editors fairly often, but we also have a good reason. Editing your favorite photos is something we all enjoy sometimes, and we have a huge selection of quality editors on the market, and we find a new one we need to talk about all the time. This time we found one […]Read More

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PixelSquid – 3D objects in Photoshop

Do 3D objects in Photoshop sound interesting to you? Or maybe you’ve already worked with 3D objects in some other way? PixelSquid is a free plugin for Photoshop that allows you to directly add and rotate photorealistic 3D objects to your project. The great thing is that you don’t have to know anything about 3D […]Read More

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Adobe Photoshop Camera for photo processing on Android and iOS

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free photo processing application for Android and iOS users. This application is intended for people who process photos for personal use, without the knowledge of Photoshop. It is based on artificial intelligence called Sensei and can recognize objects in a picture, make recommendations, and automatically apply certain effects based on […]Read More

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INK 1.6.4

If you are a web designer, you have undoubtedly used Photoshop, a powerful tool for all designers. Is just Photoshop enough to design a web page? Of course it’s not. Aldo, there are many plugins we will present to you INK Photoshop plugin. What is the INK plugin? INK is a plugin for Photoshop that […]Read More