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How to Change Download Server in Steam for Windows

When you download a game using Steam, the server from which the game will be downloaded will by default be the one that is physically closest to you. However, the closest server is not always the fastest. So if you notice that the game is downloading slowly, we suggest you change the server and see […]Read More


How to Leave a Discord Server on Windows 10

When you join a Discord server, you are able to read messages sent by other users, send messages yourself, and receive notifications from that server. If you no longer want to be part of a server, you can easily leave it. If you leave a server, as you might expect, you will not be able […]Read More


What is the Internet and how it works

We spend more and more time at the computer or mobile phone, and then we are mostly online. The Internet has become such an important part of our lives that it is almost impossible to go back to the time before this discovery without serious consequences for our society. It is estimated that two-thirds of […]Read More