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How to Change the Language of WhatsApp for Android

Like most modern applications, WhatsApp includes an option to change the language. A pretty large number of languages are supported, so there is a big chance that you will find the language you are looking for. The process is simple and all you have to do is select the language you want to use in […]Read More


How to Turn on Dark Mode in WhatsApp for Android

If you have sensitive eyes or simply like the dark look of applications, you probably like using dark mode. WhatsApp, like most modern messaging apps, has a dark theme option and all you have to do is turn it on. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to turn on dark mode in […]Read More


WhatsApp Lets You Transfer History From iPhone to Android

Google has announced that it is enabling the transfer of WhatsApp history from iPhone to Android devices running version 12 or later. This includes call and message history, as well as any pictures and videos that have been sent. This option will help anyone switching from iPhone to Android by enabling the quick transfer of […]Read More


How to Delete a Contact From WhatsApp on Android

If you want to delete a contact from WhatsApp, this option does not exist in the application. The reason is that WhatsApp stores contacts on the phone and not in the app and the process of deleting a contact is not immediately obvious. Watch our video tutorial in which we show you how to delete […]Read More


How to Send Disappearing Images and Videos in WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp has the option to send pictures and videos that will disappear after viewing the media once. This option should help with security and privacy, but not everything is so great. Although the image or video is deleted from the user’s phone once viewed, it is possible to screenshot or screen capture the media during […]Read More


How to Share Your Current Location on WhatsApp for Android

If you want to send someone your current location via WhatsApp, you can write the address and number where you are in the message. However, a much easier way is to simply share your current location. This will send a Google Maps image of your current location. Also, this image can be opened in the […]Read More


How to Change the Font of a Message in WhatsApp

If you want to decorate a message on WhatsApp or emphasize its importance, one way to do that is to change the font. WhatsApp offers a choice of five fonts in which you can change the message text. Watch our video in which we show you how to change the font of a message in […]Read More


How to Hide Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you can see when someone is online. When you open the chat, at the top of the screen, below the name of the person you chated with, you will see if that person is online and if not, when was the last time they were online. Also, this way others can see if […]Read More