Month: January 2024


How to Install Windows 11 on an Older PC

To install Windows 11, your PC must have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, otherwise, when you start the installation, you will get the message: This PC can’t run Windows 11. This PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to install this version of Windows. For more information visit The problem is that older […]Read More


How to Enable or Disable Microphone Noise Cancellation in Steam

If you play online games on Steam, in a noisy room and use a microphone, we suggest you turn on the noise cancellation option and help your teammates hear you better. Most higher quality microphones already have this functionality, so those who have them won’t find much use out of this option, but if you’re […]Read More

Business Software

Noterly – Simple Reminders on Your Phone

Most of us are used to using a mobile phone to write down reminders. We used to do it using SMS messages that we didn’t send, but saved them in Draft and used them as a reminder, while today we have specialized applications for this that offer much more than a simple reminder. However, there […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Shazam – Assistant for Music Lovers

How many times have you heard a song you like in a coffee shop and you don’t know its name? And after many attempts to guess the name of the song, you simply give up. In the end, you never find out what the song is called or who performs it. Today we present to […]Read More