Among Us – who is the killer

Among Us – who is the killer

Among Us is a free mobile game. It is a social deception game in which a group of players must discover a group’s traitor. You play the game online against random players or friends, where there is an easy way to connect with friends via a password. Relatively simple concept, but insanely fun. The game came out in 2018 and achieved decent success. By mid-2019, it had over a million downloads on the Android store. However, in the last month, the game’s popularity has simply exploded, so there are now over 50 million downloads on the Android store – a solid success for the three-member team from InnerSloth Studios.

What is this all about?

In Among Us, you start as a group of spaceship engineers. When the game starts, most of the players are identified as Crewmates, and your job is quite simple – go around the ship and complete the tasks. One or two crew members (depending on the number of players) are identified as Imposters, and the Imposters job is to kill the crew one by one.

Among Us Crew

Verbal communication between players is prohibited until someone calls a meeting. Communication is allowed at the meeting, and the goal is to find out who the Imposter is. You achieve this by talking to other players about whether someone has seen something suspicious. At the end of the meeting, everyone votes for one crew member who they think is the Imposter, and the one who gets the most votes is thrown out. To win as a crew member, you must identify the Imposter and throw him off the ship, and to win as an Imposter, you must eliminate all crew members.

Among Us Voting

As a crew member, you have to perform various tasks such as throwing out garbage, connecting wires, shooting asteroids, and many others. All of these tasks are relatively simple and easy to do. The main fun when playing as a crew member is to try to find out if someone is behaving suspiciously, and if you notice anything (for example a dead body), you can press the button that calls the meeting.


As an Imposter, your task is to kill the crew members, but you must do so in the way that other crew members do not discover you, otherwise they will simply report you immediately and kick you out. The imposter can also sabotage systems onboard, turn off lights, lock doors, turn off oxygen, allowing you to set a trap. The Imposter can also travel through the ventilation system, enabling easy escape and movement on board, but make sure the crew doesn’t see you entering and exiting the ventilation, otherwise they will detect you immediately as only the Imposter can do this.

The real fun is when the meeting starts, where the Imposter clearly knows that he is the one who is killing, and there is a lot of satisfaction in putting the blame on someone else. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than when the group you are playing with labels you as an Imposter just to be thrown into deep space, leaving your teammates with the horrible killer.

Among Us Map

An absolute recommendation

If you haven’t played it yet, we recommend that you dive in and try it now. This incredibly fun game will make you laugh to tears, and playing as an Imposter is incredibly fun.

The game is available for free for Android and iOS, while on the computer it is available for Windows and costs around 4 euros.

In the download link we offered Among Us for Android but if you want to download version for:



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